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If you are a cat owner and fear that your cat may have any kind of danger outside, from other pets like dogs or any other thing that can damage your cat. Some people say that it will be cruel for cats to take them inside a box at all times. So, Custom Packaging has a solution to this problem.



    As we are providing you the services of window boxes for cats, these boxes will come just according to your requirements as these boxes will save them from any kind of danger and offer the cats a peaceful environment. They will not be bound just inside the box, as the cats can enjoy the outside environment through the window. The indoor experience for your cat will be provided with great security.

    Stylish Window Boxes for Eats to Provide the Best Environment as well

    These window boxes for cats are stylish and offer an open-air environment to your cats; sunlight can directly reach them. You can place the box anywhere you want and not worry about its dangers outside. You don’t have to worry about the yards and lawns to let your cat there to taste the outside atmosphere. In these window boxes, the cats in the apartments can also enjoy the fresh breeze and outside things from the windows. These boxes are ideal to use at homes, offices, or apartments, anywhere you want to place a cat near you so that you may never get bored and can enjoy the company of your lovely cat without any worry.

    Our Experienced and Quality Services offer you the Best Features in Boxes

    We work with great effort to make window boxes according to your designs. Some features in the box will increase safety and offer a great experience for your indoor cats. There are many options to get custom window boxes for cats with accurate measurements. These boxes will ensure the safety and pleasure of cats. It has some features like a window that will offer fresh air to your cats so that they feel fresh. A screen is applied so that no insects can enter the box. The floor of the box is so comfortable that the cat will not feel irritated with that kind of box. Some enclosures are added to make the cat safe from severe environments. If you live in such areas where there are long winters, you can have these boxes that will suit the requirements of your cat’s safety. These boxes are highly recommended for you if you have long winter seasons.

    Different Ideas for Window Boxes to make them Unique

    Besides all the options mentioned above, we offer you the facility to mention something that you want in your boxes. If you want to order the window boxes from The Custom Packaging company to match your needs, you can fill the quote from our website. In the form, you will have to mention all your requirements and the specifications you want in your boxes. You will be asked for the quantity, color, and dimensions of the boxes, along with other features. You can mention some extra details in the box where you have to ask for the message. If you are confused about the design or do not confirm the size that will match the requirements of your cat and will be suitable to place at your apartment, you can contact us. We will guide you properly for any query related to window custom boxes.

    Material of Boxes are According to the Requirements of Eats and the Environment

    The material used for making the Window boxes is of very fine quality. These boxes are mostly made of the best accurately measured material, and these materials are considered chemical-free and pollution-free. These materials are the best match for clean and green environment needs. The material required for the Window boxes is recycled. And the boxes are made such that they are also completely recyclable

    Some Quality Services that are Our Specialties

    We are providing you the offer to customize the window cat boxes with all the features that will match your car’s standard. Some additional services are provided to you with no extra charges at very effective rates. First of all, these services include a free shipping of your order, even if you are ordering a single box for your cat, or offer your services as the sellers of cat boxes with windows. The order will be provided to you at the given location when we promise. Besides this our services includes the service of free designing. You can give an idea about the design just according to your imagination, and our professional designers will turn the imagination into reality.


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