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There are many options and styles are available for brands. But from Chinese food boxes to tuck end, it depends on you what kind of box you choose for your product. As many boxes are available, all of the boxes are unique and distinct.




    But you cannot choose every box for every product because we know all in one solution. It will not work here. But among different packaging, there is one more special type of box called sleeve and tray box.

    These boxes are manufactured with the best material. It consists of a durable base that will split it into two sleeves. These are also useful in the host of any product. If you want to pack some bakery items or a wristwatch, you can prefer a sleeve and tray box. It will attract your customers to have your product. And there are different designs available the more you put design, the more customers will attract you.

    The Material used in Sleeve and Tray Boxes

    The material we use in manufacturing sleeve and tray boxes is of good quality. We assure you that your product will remain safe from any damage or microbial influence. We use tough and hard cardboard for sleeve and tray boxes to carry the product. We are well known in many markets due to our work and our box’s good quality. We always build trust in our customers. Our designers work hard to meet your needs.

    Sizes of Sleeve and Tray Boxes

    There are different sizes available for sleeve and tray boxes. If you like to have these boxes, tell us the exact size of your product. Then our team experts will make it according to your choice of any shape. If you have a large size of your product, you can get a large size box, and if you have a small product, then these are also available. If you want a beautiful box, then size matters. We will use our die-cutting tools to get the exact size of your product.

    Design and Colors of Sleeve and Tray Boxes

    With sizes, there is a facility of designs and colors also. There are different designs available. We also have different designs, but if you have a master plan for designing, you can surely tell us. If you want to put your brand’s logo, add some graphics with different colors on the sleeve and tray box, then it will add to its beauty.

    The Time Limit for Sleeve and Tray Box

    There is no time limit to order sleeve and tray boxes. We have 24 hours service. You can order any amount of sleeve and tray boxes in which quantity you need them. And we make sure that we turn back in the given time limit. We will not be late. If we get an order for two weeks, we turn back in two weeks. Our whole process starts from the day you order to when we will return this order to you.

    Kraft sleeve and tray boxes are recyclable and eco-friendly:

    From complaints to “international environment conservation standards,” we assure you that our sleeve and tray boxes are eco-friendly. It has no harm on the environment, and these are recyclable.

    Customization of Kraft Sleeve and Tray Boxes

    You can advertise your product easily by using our sleeve and tray boxes. And by putting the logo of your brand will be very effective for this. And printing this with the special color of your brand will add to its beauty. The customized boxes are very useful for the advertisement of products. When the exterior is attractive and eye touchy, it makes others happier. And if you will give the gift to your loved ones, it will be very good for a strong relationship.

    Why People Prefer Kraft Sleeve and Tray Boxes

    Due to the best qualities of our sleeve and tray boxes we are famous in many companies, brands and markets also as we have a full day and night services that is why our customers are happy with us. We have affordable prices so that everybody can easily order boxes. We are friendly about the price, and we have a discount list for our clients. So don’t worry about price and order easily.


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