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Pastry bakers and chefs consider utilizing wider varieties of baking products, packaging, and tools to trade their cakes and pastries online and through physical business.



    Once they finalized the preparations of cakes and bakery items in terms of baking and packaging, they tend to conclude that the packaged product looks eye-catching. We own a wider assortment of box colors, styles, sizes, and shapes along with several other options to offer. Our efforts fit your different-sized cakes, pies, and even pastries

    When it comes to finishing the preparation of your bakery products, the last part that plays an important role is packaging and boxing. Properly designed boxes give not only the styles and shapes but also provide maximum safety to products inside. Besides, glamor and shining, which have magnificence in terms of marketing, also can be added if the packaging is done with extraordinary efforts. Consider adopting maximum uniqueness so that it will assist you to stand out with your products among the rest of the items of this type. The customizing way is conditional and depends on your requirements and wishes. Feel free to order the boxes with countless designs, styles, and variations.

    The Magnificence of Established and Formal Packaging

    We offer unique and distinctive designed bakery boxes to open wide, allowing the elegant and delicate bakery items to be straightforwardly and effortlessly inserted into the boxes. We take care of featuring some other things to facilitate you to show off the decorated and beautiful treats and cakes.

    Materials and Colors we use

    We make the boxes using Kraft and white folding paperboard. Various stock colors are in our must-use list, so we consider adding favored and admired colors such as brown, pink and black. In addition, we offer custom-made colors with a low quantity minimum.

    One-Piece Boxes with Vast Openings

    We offer folding one-piece boxes as well which open up vastly to facilitate you to have simple and easy access to your delightful pastries and cakes. It’s your choice to have them with or without a window. Your bakeries may require different specifications, so we take care of different options in terms of colors and sizes to fit the requirements.

    Our bakery boxes are measured by height, width and length. So, for the length, consider measuring from the left to right, for the width, you should measure from front to back. However, if you tend to check for the height, choose to measure from top to the box’s bottom.

    We are dedicated to complementing your sweet dishes hence, you should consider us as the one-stop printing and packaging solution. We have a team of specialists that have expertise in terms of meeting your offset and digital requirements. Thus, all the packaging needs are accomplished without any hassle. If you are associated with the business related to bakeries and sweets you may love our well-designed and beautifully manufactured packaging boxes because they meet the essentials required in this type of business.


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