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Pillow boxes are a beautiful way to package wedding gifts. These pillow boxes are simple, sleek, and beautiful, making them great gift boxes for tiny items, jewelry, or whatever else you can think of. Black pillow boxes, white pillow boxes, grey pillow boxes, and Kraft pillow boxes are all available in a variety of colors.



    Our wholesale pillow boxes are ideal for storing things in retail stores. Although our solid color custom pillow boxes are ideal for sending things to customers, our clear plastic variants are required for in-store marketing.

    A Large Selection of Pillow Boxes Custom Packages

    When it comes to favor and gift boxes, The Custom Boxez has a wide selection of high-quality solutions at affordable pricing. To meet any type of case, we offer a huge variety of different types and sizes of custom pillow boxes in wholesale alternatives. We have Kraft gift boxes and jewelry boxes that will make an impression no matter how you use them!

    Kraft Brown Boxes

    One of the most prevalent types of pillow packs is brown Kraft. We pack them flat until they’re folded, then assemble them into a perfect pillow shape. Kraft pillow gift boxes are made from organic, environmentally friendly, and recyclable Kraft paper.

    Large Pillow Boxes with Handle in Kraft

    Large Kraft pillow Kraft boxes are also available, as well as mini custom pillow boxes that are ideal for packaging little things. These wholesale pillow boxes have a handle that is linked to the pillow packaging for convenient handling. Large and small, in brown Kraft paint, are the two most frequent standard sizes. They’re ideal for packing t-shirts and scarves, but they can also be used to pack other items.

    Kraft Pillow Boxes Packaging with Ribbon Closure

    This sort of Kraft printed pillow box with a ribbon is manufactured in an open and closed technique. They’re perfect for making small gifts that can be utilized as sweets at a wedding.

    These handmade custom pillow boxes have a seductive appeal and may also be used to package gifts in a unique and attractive manner. They may be simply customized to meet customer needs and printed in a variety of ornamental patterns. You can get them with free shipping and low prices. The Custom Boxez provides all these kinds of custom boxes.


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