Tray & Sleeve Rigid Boxes

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Tray and sleeve rigid boxes are used to increase the glamour of your different kinds of products. These boxes will offer decoration to the times that are placed inside the box, and make your customers convinced to buy the products by your brand. These sleeves boxes are designed as they are divided by sides and are unfilled from the core.



    There is a tray in these boxes that are made by using the folded material. This will offer extra security to sensitive products and will offer some additional room to your product. Many items can be placed inside the box at a time, and these sleeve tray boxes will help them to retain away from each other. There may be different compartments in tray and sleeve boxes that have the same strength and can manage several items simultaneously, or these boxes are used where there is a chance of mixing of ingredients. These boxes will make them separate from each other.

    Customize your Boxes for All kinds of items just According to the Taste of your Brand

    These boxes are also known as drawer boxes and are very awesome to open. The unboxing experience for the products that are packed in this kind of box is very impactful. One side of the boxes can be slid to unbox and it will reveal the product inside. These boxes may be foldable or unfolded. One type of tray and sleeve rigid box is a two-piece foldable packaging box, that has a tray inside. There is a sleeve that will show your product, the boxes are very light in weight to offer the luxurious items in it. You have an opportunity to customize the product’s packaging according to you. Another type of these boxes that is also very common is an un-folded tray and sleeve packaging boxes. These kinds of boxes are useful to pack sensitive and fragile items. So if you want to pack delicate stuff in boxes these rigid boxes with drawers are the best option to choose. You may offer a unique experience of unboxing to your customers by using these boxes. These boxes will have a great impact and increase the love of your clients with your product.

    Get a Premium Tray and Sleeve Boxes at Affordable Prices

    You have an option to customize the packaging for your product with great quality. You can use colors and printings according to your need. You are free to choose the designs for your packaging and get assistance from our experts so that you may have a unique design box. Different options are provided to you for size, style, and printings along with foiling of different kinds. You can choose one of them or can add some extra details that you want to have in your packaging. This packaging will attract all the customers to your brand. Different add-ons are also offered to you, that will increase the charm.

    We don’t have any limit to order, so you are free to order any quantity of boxes that will just match your requirements. If you need 50 boxes or 5000 we will give the same attention to every order. As this is a matter of the reputation of your brand. You can also have a sample box so that you may get known how the boxes will look after designing them.

    Eco-Friendly and Durable Boxes

    These boxes are completely recyclable, as they are made of high-quality materials. The material used to make packaging is cardboard or sometimes Kraft is used. Both these materials are got from recycled sources and the boxes that are manufactured by using these materials are also recyclable. So these boxes will make the packaging of your product completely eco-friendly and good for a clean atmosphere. Our tray and sleeve rigid boxes are made of such kind of materials that are not only sustainable but also durable in any kind of conditions. These boxes will be used to secure any kind of product.

    Besides the materials of boxes, the ink and printing techniques for these boxes are also non-toxic. so the complete procedure of making these boxes are very close to a pollution-free environment. All these traits will make a good reputation for your brand in the view of customers and they will prefer to use your products because of their sustainability.


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