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The material used for biological testing is test strip paper or test strip band. And the boxes in which these are packed for their protection identification are test strip boxes. We have the best quality packaging boxes. We also have test strip packaging boxes. Industries are making products for us



    And as well as there are also making packaging boxes for them in which they are packed. As test strips are used for biological terms, we have to make different and unique style boxes for their packaging.

    Quality of the material used:

    The material for the preparation is of good quality and free from external effects. The cardboard which is used in manufacturing is moisture-free. And the strips will remain safe from any harm.

    As boxes are used for the protection of the product, we manufacture them so that it will protect the product inside the box.

    We use modern technology to manufacture strips boxes, and we have die-cut machines used to manufacture strips boxes. Our experts are brilliant in their work and have outstanding ideas for manufacturing strip boxes.

    Types of Strips

    There are different types of strips are available which are used for other purposes;

    Food Testing Strip

    These strips are used to detect whether the food is safe or not. It is free from germs or any other infectious material. Otherwise, it can cause foodborne diseases. These strips are used for food, hard surface, and water.

    Lipolysis Testing Strip

    Lipid triglycerides are hydrolyzed into three fatty acids by metabolic pathway. It is used to store energy when doing hard work like exercise.

    It is used to test the low insulin level when doing hard work. Insulin is the most occurring hormone in lipolysis.

    Glucose Meter Testing Strips

    It is a medical device which is also called a glucometer. To measure the concentration of glucose in the blood, this device is used. Small drop blood will be placed on a test strip, and then the meter reads the concentration of glucose level and then display the results.

    Urine Testing Strip

    This is used to determine the changes in the patient’s urine for legal analysis. And then what the changes have been occurring it will display. It has color changes chemical pads.

    Fever Testing Strips

    These strips are used to measure the temperature of the body. These are out on the body, and then by indicator, its color change occurs, and we come to know how much the temperature is.

    Shapes and Sizes are Available

    As we have discussed strip boxes, there are different shapes for every strip. And then you can have different kinds of shapes and sizes of containers. We have our shape sample. If you like them, then most welcome.

    But if you want to change the shape of boxes or wish to change something else, you can tell us quickly. We will hear you. If you have another plan and want to say us, then say easily. Our members will surely help you, and you will get the desired boxes of your choice.

    Customization of Your Product by Strip Boxes

    Every strip size will be different than there are other packaging boxes. And by using our strip boxes, you can promote your product. As there are different strips you want to encourage, you can quickly.

    By putting your brand’s logo and texting some vital information on the box and applying some images on the package, you can attract clients. Some are brand-conscious people. They want each other unique.

    Why People Prefer us for Strip Boxes

    Most people prefer us due to our best services and best packaging boxes. We have affordable prices and full-day services. We will help you if you need any help. We have every size box and of every shape.

    And through this, we fulfill customers’ requirements and make our customers happier. We have built trust in our customers because we are honest in our work.

    Many brands are racing in this modern era to have everything perfect. And fortunately, we fulfill the brand requirements, and through this, we are famous in the market.


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