Single Cigar Packaging

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Due to the great cost, single cigar packaging was once exclusively available to a select group of people. To provide you with the finest box possible, all of our boxes are made using customizable processes.



    You can specify your chosen substance, and it will be organized for you in each of these personalized cardboard boxes. Cardboard is widely utilized to make these boxes due to its widespread availability on the market. All of these boxes are made to protect the products throughout the transportation process’s hump and dump.

    Supreme Designs for Cigar Boxes

    Client preferences influence packaging design, which is determined by the cigar selling business, potential consumers, and even the quantity and number of cigars each pack.

    To help customers enhance their sales, we also offer unique single cigar packaging with a style statement. The Custom Boxez offers the following designs for a single cigar.

    • Book-style luxury box
    • Tuck end box
    • Tray and sleeve box
    • Display box with die-cut
    • Full telescope box
    • Window cut box
    • Clamshell box
    • Neck boxes

    Furthermore, we cover the cigar with aluminum foil or cellophane before placing it in the packaging boxes to ensure that it is kept and has its original flavor for a long time.

    Single Cigar Packaging—At Its Finest and Most Expensive

    Rapid pack offers the highest-quality cardboard boxes on the market. Customers will prefer your products since they are made with the most attractive patterns, forms, and colors.

    A good name can bring in a lot of income, while a bad name can start a long chain of losses. Packaging plays a significant role in building your brand in the marketplace—a good name can bring in a lot of revenue, while a bad name can start a lengthy chain of losses.

    As a result, you’ll need to take the item with you to decide which designs are finest, which shape is perfect for you, and so on.

    Every cigar is packed by highly competent specialists who ensure that you obtain a positive reputation by incorporating long-term marketing suggestions in your boxes, allowing you to improve sales.

    When there are hundreds of cigar manufacturers on the market, single cigar packaging is critical for brand recognition. Every cigar company is looking for a stable and cost-effective packaging solution.


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