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The entire fashion industry is about trends that need you to put your best foot forward. Keeping this in mind, consider having apparel packaging with high style and tear-resistant designs. 



    Packaging is an exemplary way of giving awareness regarding brands. It’s encouraged to design custom apparel boxes with the brand’s color and logo. This will exhibit your personality as well as your business. It’s common for packaging boxes to adopt custom inserts including foam, chipboard, molded pulp, etc. Regardless of what you opt for, make sure that the items inside the apparel boxes wouldn’t move during shipping and transpiration.

    Quality and Extraordinary Printing

    Apart from sturdy packaging, what matters is a quality printing. We provide extraordinary printing consisting of vector graphics and images in vivid and crisp quality. In addition, we offer other processes like window patching, foil stamping, ribbon winding ups, and more. 

    We provide high-quality apparel boxes for inexpensive and economical prices so customers with low-budget have an opportunity to avail these boxes. We manufacture apparel boxes in all shapes, colors, and designs according to your requirements and desires. You have various options of apparel boxes with silicone or plastic windows meant to display clothes packed inside the box. Feel free to associate with us for availing of such attractive and designed boxes against logical and cheap prices. 

    Why us? 

    Our clients recommend our apparel boxes due to meeting their specifications and instructions. We take care of the suggestions provided by our clients and implement their recommendations when possible. We tend to apply the colors 100% accurately of what you ask along with maintaining the quality that pleases the customers. 

    We are one of the modish and tedious box printing companies that are trustworthy in utilizing both digital and offset printing technologies. We cater to the packaging needs of tempting and unique apparel boxes. Our apparel boxes use the material in a way that prevents the product inside from damaging and mistreating. These boxes increase visibility and come into sight because of certain designs. So, customers can look and check the clothes, shirts, pants, and sweaters without opening the boxes. Our accomplished and experienced team packages the boxes using quality printing material. In addition, we use a wider range of themes and designs to embellish apparel packaging. 

    Versatile Packaging

    Our apparel boxes are completely customized and are great for gift items in a structured and well-planned way. For our admired customers, we offer quick and efficient delivery service. Our apparel boxes tend to be a great choice if given at specific occasions like Eid and birthday parties. These boxes not only uplift the sales but also set apart your product or brand in the market. Don’t look around, contact with apparel boxes. 

    Explore Acceptably and Admired Apparel Packaging

     Quality, structure, optical, and perceptible appeal are our specialties. We endeavor our best. Your apparel boxes should reflect your personality as well as the brand you tend to promote. Regardless of what challenges we face, we will assist you to create a superb and wonderful sunny apparel box, suitable for your item’s needs. 

    Options and Materials

    You can personalize the apparel boxes with various materials and options. Consider ordering glass lamination with thin plastic film to give the glass surface particular glossy stuff. Furthermore, you can place matte and soft-touch lamination to give a matte, touch, and velvety surface. When it comes to coating, there are various options in this regard such as water-based coating UV and varnish coating.  A water-based coating is to make the surface soft and semi-glass. On the other hand, UV coating safeguards the apparel boxes from flood and spot applications. Varnish coating is a comparatively inexpensive option that protects the surface. 

    Additionally, we offer metallic coating, pearlescent coating, and soft-touch coating as well. The metallic coating gives an additional metallic sheen to the box’s surface. The pearlescent coating is considered for supplementary decorative glow and radiate. The soft-touch coating is nothing but ink coating reflects a smooth surface.  It’s a low-priced alternative for those who don’t afford costly lamination. 

    Dedicated Support from Experts 

    We provide one-one guidance and support from planning to production through dedicated product professionals and consultants. They instruct the whole process from design to delivery. 


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