Cannabis Packaging

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We have numerous broad range options for cannabis packaging. We amuse our customers due to having advanced and developed printing capabilities and decorative accomplishment features in the industry. We facilitate our clients with certified packaging solutions for both recreational and medical cannabis products. Such packaging is perfect and consummate for hemp-derived for cannabis packaging that carries less than 0.3% THC.  



    Child-resistant packaging 

    Cannabis products need additional care and skid-resistant packaging along with meeting staging specifications and requirements. We tend to design cannabis packaging in a way that it should be accessible for more grown-up persons rather than children. Our ultimate cannabis packaging integrates both sturdiness and beauty. We offer single and double lock options properties, completed edges, sufficient billboard space, and more. We embellish cannabis boxes with a broad range of finishing and printing outcomes and effects. In addition, affix specific coating, embossing, and foil.

    The advantages of our designs 

    We tend to comply with CPSC (US consumer product security commission. Additionally, our designs avail tear-resistant and laminated paperboard outer trays and cartons customized with inner stuff to bear a broad range of items such as edibles, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, vape pens as well as concentrates. 

    Beauty and brawn 

    We take care of safety along with charming sights. We don’t compromise and accommodate at the price of giving up the protection. In addition, our reclosable designs preserve and maintain CR functionality. That’s why our customers’ feedback keeps motivating us in terms of providing more assistance to the clients. 

    The enhancements we provide 

    We incorporate several of the enhancements you can realize in our retail packages. To name some, these include specialty or SBS board, inclusive of hemp fiber paperboard. Furthermore, we affix enlarged color gamut printing, specific coating, and cold-foiling. embossing, foil stamping, and die-cutting. 

    We adopt green-chic imitation which brings and distributes charm without having any compromise on safety. This style captures the luxurious touch to give an attractive look for your cannabis packaging. This way, we apply more sustainable converting ideas and methods.

    What is the green chic ideology? 

    Green chick ideology utilizes several innovative technologies including specific coating, cold foiling, and more. We manufacture and prepare folding cartons using recycled or recyclable paperboard with 100% pure and renewable wind energy that produces the packages more sturdy and strapping. If ordered, we can print all the information on packages to make your clients read the instructions regarding products inside. 

    Besides, we take care of the capacity of boxes to insert a large number of products. Hence, the need of inventing multiple cartons has been turned down. 

    Skillful team’s innovative work 

    Product labeling facilitates you to share the information, the value of the product as well as environmental logos. Our talented and experienced staff is trustworthy regarding designs, logos, and other implementations. They can create a magnificent bridge between the innovative designs and eventual products making sure that the packages should stand out in the market to differentiate your business. 


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